I am still here; hope you are too!

January 27, 2021

It was exactly a week ago that I floated this list and started gathering subscribers. Though I didn’t plan it that way, it is an uncanny coincidence that my email list was kicked off on President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris’s inauguration day!

There must be a message in there.

Another special significance to the day: January 20 was the date I met my wife for the first time ever. Random trivia, but interesting tidbit that US Presidents always take office on an anniversary of our first meeting. And this list building commenced on that special date.

There really must be a message in there.

Due to the way I have promoted this subscription, it is likely that there is a lot of diversity of interest among the subscribers, so I am planning to take this slowly and let the topics meander their way through to an engaging mix. We’ll see how it takes shape.

I am planning to start in earnest next week, after another push to add more members before the end of the month. So this is just a quick missive to keep things alive for the next week. Look for something next Wednesday, Feb 3.

Till then, dodge COVID and stay safe! Mask On!!

P. Venkat Raman