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February 17, 2021

So far, you have seen a few samples of my writing. I chose topics that would likely resonate with most people. Except the personal finance article last week, of course.

[If you’re curious to see how last week’s story concluded, take a look at the wrap up below. It folds in your own feedback! The story gets richer when you chime in.]

Going forward, it may be sensible to choose topics that are in line with the subscribers I actually have.

What does this mean? A survey, of course.

I can already hear the sigh. Ugh. One more homework piece!

Actually, you don’t have to respond at all. If you don’t respond, you will likely read materials that resonate with the other subscribers. Can’t be that bad, right?

But if you do, I will try to keep the topics you like more in the rotation. May not happen immediately, but it should happen sooner than later.

Now, I want to offer another personal finance article to keep the new material going. As we are still in the ramping up mode, this is also a story that some of you may have seen before. A little refresher never hurts, in my opinion.

And that’s a wrap for this week! Hope you will guide my future topics by providing your preferences.

P. Venkat Raman

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The Case of the Missing Milk

​This story is now published, with its own cartoon and gathered wisdom from your responses. Check it out here!


Rule of 72

We saw last week the power of compounding in the returns of any investment. You may recall that we used the Rule of 72 sprinkled in there a few times to illustrate our discussion.

A natural question that arises is whether 72 is some sort of a cosmic number that lends itself to these calculations much like the speed of light that seems to be pretty much a controlling force of our lives.

Check out this article that focuses on this rule and explores its limits.


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